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About Us

The Walnut Wellness Fund was founded in 2018 by therapists and administrators at Walnut Psychotherapy Center who were sick of seeing trans clients struggle to afford basic mental health support. We have seen firsthand how often finances get in the way of healing, and we're over it. We started fundraising to support our clients, and our efforts manifested into a full-blown nonprofit organization, which we dubbed the Walnut Wellness Fund.


Walnut Psychotherapy Center and the Walnut Wellness Fund are independent organizations, who continue to partner in a joint effort to make affirming, affordable psychotherapy available to as many trans and nonbinary people as possible.

The Walnut Wellness Fund is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia.

We can all support trans mental health.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, but not easy:


To ensure access to mental health care for Philadelphia's LGBTQ community.

Our sole program is the Psychotherapy Scholarship Program. We're 100% focused on this important issue, and every dollar donated goes directly to this cause.

Our Approach

The services we provide are highly specialized in their focus on trauma and the dynamic and shifting needs of Philadelphia’s trans population.

Identity affirmation is a core tenant of our therapeutic approach, and is integral to the well being of our participants. We seek to understand intersections of identity, marginalization, and how they affect our participant's movement through the world.

One of the principles we adhere to is that it is important for marginalized people to be able to work with therapists who are part of their own community. This is a transparent effort to create the possibility for mutual recognition which embraces intersectionality as a powerful healing tool in understanding self and self in relation to others. This also means our program supports not only the participants themselves but also the developing careers of the therapists they work with, by consciously creating job opportunities for trans, queer, and POC clinicians.

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